Tagatesse Sweetener

Tagatesse Sweetener


It sweetens, it browns and it caramelizes - but it doesn't have carbs and is very low in calories. Twice as sweet as sugar and ideal for diabetics.

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Tagatesse Sweetener

Contents: 1.1 lbs (500 g)

Tagatesse is a sweetener based on Tagatose, which is ideal for cooking and baking. Tagatose is a natural sweetener present in only small amounts in fruits, cacao, and dairy products. Tagatose in itself has a very similar sweetness to sugar while its glycemic index is very low. Tagatose is purely natural and is extracted from lactose. The sugar alternative has all the properties and taste of sugar but is low in calories and low carb. It does not affect blood sugar or insulin levels making it ideal for diabetics and it is twice as sweet as sugar. Tagatesse is as versatile as regular sugar and perfect for cooking and baking, in cold and hot drinks, and for desserts. Contrary to most sugar substitutes, Tagatesse will caramelize, making it perfect for Creme Brûlée. Tagatesse has absolutely no cooling effect or weird aftertaste as is sometimes experienced with sugar alternatives on the basis of sugar alcohols.

Tagatose (39,9%), sweetener (isomalt (39,9%)), food fibres (inulin and oligosacharides), sweetener (sucralose (0,02%).
Tagatesse Sweetener Nutrition Facts