Organic Hazelnut Butter

Organic Hazelnut Butter

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We have something new for you to go NUTS about and guess what? It's certified organic, it's raw, It's rich and it's absolutely fantastic hazelnut butter with no added sugars and only the best flavor and texture from the nut gods themselves!

Organic Hazelnut Butter

Contents: 8.8oz (250g)

Our Organic Raw Hazelnut Butter is made using carefully selected hazelnuts, which are stoneground raw, preserving the taste and nutritional benefits of our premium hazelnuts.

Along with a wide range of vitamins and minerals, hazelnuts are exceptionally rich in folate, an important B-complex vitamin.  

Our spread has a naturally sweet and creamy taste, making it a great treat when combined with dried fruits, or raw cacao powder to make a healthy chocolate spread. 

100% Organic Hazelnuts
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