Sukrin FiberFin

Q: What is FiberFin?

Resistant starch, a natural fiber

FiberFin is corn starch extracted from a special Australian maize that contains 80% amylose starch and has been cultivated over many years (not GMO). It is a form of starch that digestive enzymes in the body find harder to break down.

Normal starch is turned into glucose in the body and is used as energy. Resistant starch is starch that is not digested in the normal way, but behaves like dietary fiber.

Scientists all over the world have now become aware of this special fiber and the beneficial health effects it has. One rounded tablespoon of FiberFin provides 10 grams of fiber, and is an easy and tasty way to increase dietary fiber.


Q: Why should I use FiberFin?

Fiber is not only important for digestion, but it can also help you stay healthy and slim. FiberFin contains resistant starch, a particularly beneficial form of fiber with well-documented health benefits. The WHO calls the discovery of resistant starch the biggest breakthrough in research into carbohydrates over the past 20 years.

What makes resistant starch different from other types of fiber is the powerful effect it has on overall health and weight control. It not only increases the body’s ability to burn fat, it also satisfies the stomach and reduces hunger. Studies also show that resistant starch improves blood sugar control, is good for the immune system and may even reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and some forms of cancer.

These studies can be found here


Q: How should I use FiberFin?

You can benefit from FiberFin by replacing 10-20% of your regular flour in recipes, without any effect on taste, texture or appearance. FiberFin can also be used as a supplement, just as is, by sprinkling on your cereal or mixing into your juice, smoothie or yogurt.


Q: Does FiberFin increase the burning of fat?

Unlike some types of fiber, resistant starch ferments when it reaches the large intestine, and this produces beneficial fatty acids, including butyric acid, which block the body’s ability to metabolize carbohydrates. This can inhibit the liver using carbohydrates as an energy source, and instead make use of stored body fat and recently consumed fat. The body actually prefers carbohydrates as fuel, in the same way as a car prefers petroleum. Butyric acid basically prevents some of the petrol in the tank from reaching the engine, and your cells turn to consuming fat as an alternative. A study shows that if only 5.4% of the total carbohydrate intake of a meal were to be replaced with resistant starch, then 20-30% more fat would be burned.


Q: How does FiberFin increase satiety and aid weight loss?

FiberFin prevents cravings for sugar and snacking.

Resistant starch is not used by the body as energy, but acts in the same way as fiber and regulates blood sugar and insulin secretion. When your blood sugar is stable, you experience less of the cravings for sweet that can occur when there are swings in your blood sugar count. The regulatory effect that FiberFin has on blood sugar will even have an impact on the next meal you eat. If you have a little FiberFin in the morning, it will regulate your appetite and sweet cravings for much of the remainder of the day.

Fiber increases the feeling of fullness, so you eat less. One tablespoon of FiberFin (15 grams) a day will make you feel satisfied quicker and it stabilizes the blood sugar. In addition, you achieve an increase in your burning of fat throughout the day.

Studies have shown that resistant starch causes the body to release more of the hormones that regulate satiety. A meal containing resistant starch will activate these hormones and cause you to eat less.


Q: Will FiberFin impact my energy and stamina!

Because FiberFin helps to keep blood sugar levels stable and prolong satiety, your energy lasts longer and you perform better during exercise and other physical challenges. Norwegian CK cyclist Christian Hannestad has the following to say: “I use one and a half tablespoons of FiberFin over my breakfast cereal morning and evening, and feel that the cereal “lasts” longer. FiberFin also helps me to burn fat more easily. Fat is actually a far better energy source than carbohydrates, and is essential for a bike race of from 3 to 6 hours duration when you burn upwards of between 3,500 and 7,000 calories. I was once at a training camp on Mallorca, Spain and I hadn’t taken my FiberFin with me, and things didn’t turn out very well. On long rides, your blood glucose levels can get far too unstable and that can affect your performance. No doubt about it! FiberFin has to be included for every meet!”


Q: For which diets is FiberFin beneficial?

Sesame flour is easily incorporated into your diet, to benefit from its high levels of protein, fibre and healthy nutrients. Stir into your soup as you serve it, or whizz into your breakfast or post workout shake or smoothie. Stir into your oat or quinoa porridge, or sprinkle some into your fruit and yoghurt. Adding 20g of sesame flour will add nearly 10g of pure plant protein, and 3g of healthy fibre.


Q: For which diets is Sukrin Sesame Flour beneficial?

FiberFin is well suited for people wanting to avoid absorbable carbohydrates and increase the body’s fat-burning abilities – like LCHF, Keto-diets and Wheat-Belly.

FiberFin is naturally gluten free.

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