Sukrin Almond Flour

Q: Can I use almond flour in recipes where I would normally use ground almonds?

You can replace your regular ground almonds with almond flour very successfully, keeping all of the almond flavor and goodness, with only 60% of the fat, thereby also reducing the overall calorie content of your recipe. (Ground almonds 575 kcal per 100g compared to Sukrin fat-reduced Almond Flour 331 kcal per 100g) You will have to adjust the quantity as Sukrin Almond Flour absorbs more liquid - so generally use 50-55% of the amount of ground almonds you would have used.


Q: What ratio should I use almond flour in my baking?

If you are baking yeasted gluten-free bread, you can replace 10-20% of your gluten-free baking flour with almond flour to enrich the flavor, and add texture. Be sure to add some Xanthan gum or other gluten substitute, as this will stabilize the air pockets as the bread rises. If you are not baking with yeast, you can use up to 100% almond flour. The high-fiber content means that it will soak up more liquid, so reduce the almond flour to 50% of the original flour, adding a little more if necessary. Add some Xanthan gum or Sukrin FiberFin to help it bind.


Q: Is Almond flour low-carb?

Almond Flour is very low in carbs, having only 8g carbs per 100g. It´s also high in fiber with 20g per 100g, so if you are counting Net Carbs for your low-carb diet, which is the carb content minus any fibre, Sukrin Almond flour has zero net carbs.


Q: How can I incorporate almond flour into my cooking?

There are so many ways that you can use almond flour. Use to replace ground almonds in all of your favourite recipes. Replace a proportion, even all, of your regular flour, in any recipe, will add protein and fiber as well as reducing the carb content. Use to make breakfast pancakes instead of regular flour. Add to curries to thicken and add flavor. Use to make pastry, perhaps in combination with another gluten-free low-carb flour. Find inspiration in the recipes section of this website!


Q: Does Sukrin Almond Flour have a low GI?

Sukrin Almond Flour comes in at less than 1 on the Glycemic Index, while wheat flour in comparison has a GI of 70! Sukrin Almond Flour has virtually no effect on the blood sugar.


Q: For which diets is Sukrin Almond Flour beneficial?

With less than 1 GI, and virtually free from net carbohydrates, Sukrin Almond Flour is safe for diabetics.

Followers of the Paleo and RAW diets will similarly benefit from Sukrin Almond Flour as our carefully harvested almonds are simply cold pressed and milled to produce raw, fine, natural flour. No heat is used in the process.

Extremely well suited for LCHF, Keto-diets and Wheat-Belly.


Q: How is the fat removed from the almonds?

Our carefully sourced almonds are gently cold pressed to release the natural oils, before being simply milled to produce our Fat Reduced Almond Flour. Sukrin Fat Reduced Almond Flour, even though it has had some of it´s oil removed, still contains lots of beneficial EFA´s.

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