Sesame Flour

Q: What are the benefits of Sukrin Sesame Flour?

Sukrin Sesame Flour contains four times more fibre than regular flour and gluten-free white flour, and is a great way to add extra heart-healthy fibre to your diet. Fibre not only lowers cholesterol, but is beneficial for the digestive system. Add to your cooking and baking or use to make pancakes and healthy hummus.

Because Sukrin Sesame Flour is low in carbohydrates, it is a wonderful ingredient for those who follow a low-carb lifestyle. Use in numerous recipes as a replacement for flour to lower the overall carbohydrate content. The 46% pure protein makes it a delicious and nutritious addition to your healthy eating plan.

Sukrin Sesame Flour has one third of the fat of sesame seeds, which makes it a perfect ingredient for your low fat cooking and baking.

Sesame seeds are very high in calcium, which is essential for healthy bones. They are an excellent source of copper, which helps with structure, strength and elasticity in blood vessels, bones and joints. They are high in other nutrients like the minerals iron, magnesium and zinc, and contain good levels of the B Vitamins B6, Folic Acid, Niacin B3 and Thiamin. Sesame seeds have the highest level of phytosterols in any seed or nut. Phytosterols are known to reduce blood cholesterol, and are an added ingredient in “cholesterol lowering” foods such as yoghurts and low fat spreads, whereas they are naturally occurring in sesame seeds. Sesame seeds contain unique substances called lignans, which have a cholesterol lowering effect, and are thought to prevent high blood pressure and increase Vitamin E supplies.


Q: How is Sukrin Sesame Flour made?

Sukrin Fat-Reduced Finely Ground Sesame Flour is milled from cold-pressed, raw, Greek sesame seeds. Naturally low in carbohydrates and gluten-free, with a low Glycemic Index and zero Glycemic Load, our sesame flour is 46% pure high quality plant protein, with around 1/3 of the fat of sesame seeds. Sukrin Sesame Flour contains 15% pure fibre.

The oils are extracted from fresh, high quality non-GMO sesame seeds by cold-pressing. Cold-pressing is a gentle refining process that removes much, but not all of the oil. The seeds are finely ground, resulting in a pure, raw, naturally fat-reduced flour, with the mild nutty taste and aroma of sesame. Our whole food flours are never bleached or heat-treated.


Q: What can I use Sesame Flour for?

Sesame seed may be the oldest condiment known to humans. Sukrin Sesame Flour, with it´s mild nutty aroma and taste, makes a wonderfully healthy and delicious addition to your cooking and baking.

Substitute some of your regular flour for Sukrin Sesame Flour, depending on your recipe. Great in pancakes, gorgeous in place of almond flour in chocolate cake, and as an ingredient in all kinds of Raw Food recipes.

Use as a low-fat, healthy replacement in recipes that call for for tahini. Use as a flavoursome breading together with some herbs, or as an ingredient in stuffing, instead of breadcrumbs.

Sukrin Sesame Flour makes a great daily food supplement: stir into your, soups, stews and curries at the end to thicken and add flavour, nutrients and protein.


Q: How do I use Sukrin Fiber Clear for baking/recipes?

Sukrin Fiber Syrup Clear is a very versatile baking ingredient that can be used both as a sweetener and to give your cookies and biscuits a soft centre and make them crispy on the outside. FiberSirup Clear works especially well as an amazing ingredient in home-baked bars, as it provides sweetness, a perfectly smooth consistency and a good source of fibre. FiberSirup Clear is 60% as sweet as sugar.


Q: Is Sesame flour low-carb?

Sesame flour has a very low carb content, of only 6% per 100g. Sukrin Sesame Flour also has high levels of protein, fibre and healthy nutrients. Adding 20g of sesame flour will add nearly 10g of pure plant protein, and 3g of healthy fibre.


Q: How is fat removed from the sesame seeds?

Our sesame seeds are simply cold-pressed to remove some of the oil, before being carefully milled into our delicious low- fat gluten-free flour.

Sukrin Fat Reduced Sesame Flour, even though it has had some of it´s oil removed, still contains lots of beneficial EFA´s.


Q: How can I use Sesame flour as a supplement?

Sesame flour is easily incorporated into your diet, to benefit from its high levels of protein, fibre and healthy nutrients. Stir into your soup as you serve it, or whizz into your breakfast or post workout shake or smoothie. Stir into your oat or quinoa porridge, or sprinkle some into your fruit and yoghurt. Adding 20g of sesame flour will add nearly 10g of pure plant protein, and 3g of healthy fibre.


Q: For which diets is Sukrin Sesame Flour beneficial?

Sukrin Sesame Flour has only 6g carbs per 100g, of which none are sugar, so it has an extremely low GI. Sukrin Almond Flour is safe for diabetics.

Followers of the Paleo and RAW diets will similarly benefit from Sukrin Sesame Flour as our carefully harvested non-GMO sesame seeds are simply cold pressed and milled to produce raw, fine, natural flour. No heat is used in the process.

Extremely well suited for LCHF, Keto-diets and Wheat-Belly.

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