Coconut Flour

Q: What can I use coconut flour for?

Because Sukrin Organic Coconut Flour is high in fiber, it increases the yield of baked goods by up to 50%, so you only need to use a small amount. With a mild, sweet coconut flavor, it’s delicious in baking, cooking, shakes and smoothies. Our Coconut Flour is perfect used as a low-carb fiber and protein supplement.


Q: How can I use Sukrin Coconut Flour in cooking and baking?

Sukrin Organic Coconut Flour can be used in a myriad of delicious ways in your cooking and baking. Use in shakes, smoothies, muffins, as a tasty coating for chicken, fish or vegetables, in cookies, pancakes, pastry, soup, bread, cereal bars and for pizza bases. Use to thicken sauces, stews and curries.

Because Sukrin Organic Coconut Flour is very high in fiber, it absorbs wet ingredients very quickly. There are a number of rules to observe when using coconut flour in your baking.
Firstly, because it is so absorbent, you won’t be able to swap the quantity of flour like for like in a recipe. You will only need around half the amount.
You will need to use at least double the eggs than you would in your usual recipe.
Mix carefully – add your wet ingredients to the flour very gradually, stirring well after each addition. Do not over-stir.
Remember a little goes a long way, so Sukrin Organic Coconut Flour is very economical.


Q: What are the benefits of adding coconut flour to my diet?

Sukrin Coconut Flour is gluten-free. The flour comes from the dried meat of coconuts, which is finely ground. Sukrin Coconut Flour is rich in protein, and is great for adding protein to your diet either in your cooking, or as a supplement.

Sukrin Coconut flour is very rich in fiber. This means that not only is coconut flour healthy for digestion, but it will also help you feel fuller faster and stay fuller for longer.

Sukrin Coconut Flour is high in manganese. Manganese is helpful in the absorption of many different minerals including choline, biotin, vitamin C, and thiamine. It also helps promote a healthy immune system, thyroid health, and also helps to promote and stabilize healthy blood sugar levels.

Sukrin Coconut Flour is high in lauric acid. Lauric acid is a healthy saturated fat which is essential for immune health. It is also known to help promote healthy skin and thyroid health.


Q: How can I use coconut flour as a fiber supplement?

Adding Sukrin Organic Coconut Flour to drinks and recipes, in all of your cooking and baking, will add fiber to your diet. Fiber is beneficial in many ways, it helps keep you feeling fuller for longer, it is non-glycemic and reduces the GL (glycemic load) of a meal, helping to keep blood sugar levels stable, it helps to clean the intestines, and acts as fuel for the good bacteria in our large intestine, producing vitamin B12.


Q: How long does Sukrin Coconut Flour keep for?

Sukrin Organic Coconut Flour will keep for one year after opening. Store in a cool place in an airtight container.


Q: For which diets is Sukrin Coconut Flour beneficials?

Coconut Flour has a very low GI, and has little effect on the blood sugar and is thus suitable for diabetics.

Coconut flour is a perfectly safe non-grain flour for the anti-Candida diet. It is very high in beneficial fiber, contains no gluten, and is low in fat and carbohydrate. It also contains 20% pure plant protein.

Sukrin Organic Coconut Flour is a non-grain flour and is perfect for use as an ingredient for those following a Paleo lifestyle.

Extremely well suited for LCHF, Keto-diets and Wheat-Belly.


Q: How is the fat moved from the coconuts?

The meat from our organic coconuts is simply cold-pressed to remove some of the oil, before being carefully milled into our delicious low-fat gluten-free flour. Sukrin Organic Coconut Flour, even though it has had some of it’s oil removed, still contains lots of beneficial EFA’s.

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