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Sukrin FiberFin

Q: What is FiberFin? Resistant starch, a natural fiberFiberFin is corn starch extracted from a special Australian maize that contains 80% amylose starch and has been cultivated over many years (not GMO). It is a form of starch that digestive enzymes in the body find harder to break down.Normal starch is turned into glucose in the body and is used as energy. Resistant starch is starch that is not digested in the normal way, but behaves like dietary fiber.Scientists all over the world have now become aware of this special fiber and the beneficial health effects it has. One rounded tablespoon...

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Coconut Flour

Q: What can I use coconut flour for? Because Sukrin Organic Coconut Flour is high in fiber, it increases the yield of baked goods by up to 50%, so you only need to use a small amount. With a mild, sweet coconut flavor, it’s delicious in baking, cooking, shakes and smoothies. Our Coconut Flour is perfect used as a low-carb fiber and protein supplement.   Q: How can I use Sukrin Coconut Flour in cooking and baking? Sukrin Organic Coconut Flour can be used in a myriad of delicious ways in your cooking and baking. Use in shakes, smoothies, muffins, as a...

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Sesame Flour

Q: What are the benefits of Sukrin Sesame Flour? Sukrin Sesame Flour contains four times more fibre than regular flour and gluten-free white flour, and is a great way to add extra heart-healthy fibre to your diet. Fibre not only lowers cholesterol, but is beneficial for the digestive system. Add to your cooking and baking or use to make pancakes and healthy hummus.Because Sukrin Sesame Flour is low in carbohydrates, it is a wonderful ingredient for those who follow a low-carb lifestyle. Use in numerous recipes as a replacement for flour to lower the overall carbohydrate content. The 46% pure protein...

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Sukrin Almond Flour

Q: Can I use almond flour in recipes where I would normally use ground almonds? You can replace your regular ground almonds with almond flour very successfully, keeping all of the almond flavor and goodness, with only 60% of the fat, thereby also reducing the overall calorie content of your recipe. (Ground almonds 575 kcal per 100g compared to Sukrin fat-reduced Almond Flour 331 kcal per 100g) You will have to adjust the quantity as Sukrin Almond Flour absorbs more liquid - so generally use 50-55% of the amount of ground almonds you would have used.   Q: What ratio should I...

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