Sukrin Fiber Syrup Gold

Q: How is Sukrin Fiber Syrup made?

Fiber Syrup is manufactured in a natural process, using non-GMO corn starch as raw material. Enzymes are added, breaking the starch into shorter chain lengths and converting the linkages into a type that the human body cannot easily digest. While human intestinal enzymes readily digest α(1,4)-glycosidic bonds found in regular starch, the α(1,6)-linkages in Fiber Syrup are not easily hydrolyzed and are digestion-resistant. This means that Fiber Syrup functions as a dietary fibre, feeding the good bacteria in your gut.


Q: What is isomaltooligosaccharides?

Isomaltooligosaccharides are naturally occurring prebiotic plant fibers found naturally in foods such as honey. They have a sweet taste, but behave like fibers in the body. Instead of increasing blood sugar like ordinary syrup, isomaltooligosaccharides become a food source for the beneficial bacteria in the digestive system. This is known as prebiotic fiber. The body contains more bacteria than cells, and these bacteria play an important role. Eating prebiotic fiber stimulates beneficial bacteria, which perform important functions in the body, while also helping to suppress more harmful bacteria.


Q: What are prebiotics?

Prebiotics are non-digestible food ingredients, which enter the colon unchanged by the digestive process, serving as an energy and growth source for the beneficial bacteria in the large intestine. Prebiotics help to improve the intestinal probiotic balance in our intestines by feeding the probiotic bacteria. Prebiotics are thought to be indirectly beneficial to our health – and they also slow down the activity, growth and metabolism of the “unhelpful” microbes, with which they have to compete for survival.


Q: How do I replace the syrup/honey/sugar in recipes with Sukrin Fiber Syrup Gold?

You can replace the syrup/honey/sugar in all of your cooking, baking, drinks etc. with the same amount of Sukrin Fiber Syrup Gold.


Q: How does Sukrin Fiber Syrup compare in terms of sugars?

Sukrin Fiber Syrup has NO added sugar. On the contrary, yeast is added to the manufacturing process to remove glucose that may be formed as a result of the enzymatic hydrolysis reactions. The table below shows the sugar contents in comparable liquid sweeteners: 

Sugar Syrups Chart


Q: How does Sukrin Fiber Syrup compare in terms of calories?

Sukrin Fiber Syrup is a low-calorie liquid sweetener. The table below shows the comparison: 

Syrup Calories


Q: For which diets is Sukrin Fiber Syrup suited?

The high fiber and low carbohydrate contents of Sukrin Fiber Syrup makes the syrup very well suited for anyone following a low-carb, LCHF, Paleo or Atkins diet.

Sukrin Fiber Syrup provides a natural liquid sweetener for anyone wanting to cut the sugars and the calories.

Experience has shown that Fiber Syrup can be digested differently from person to person. For many people, the majority of Fiber Syrup act like fiber in the body, while for some people it appears that a portion of the fiber can cause the blood sugar to rise. We therefore recommend people with diabetes to be careful when using FiberSirup, and expect a slight impact on blood sugar levels. The blood sugar rise should be lower than for regular syrup and sugar, but may be higher than what one would expect from a product with this low sugar and high fiber content. Unfortunately, we don’t have sufficient documentation to give an exact GI value yet.


Q: Is Sukrin Fiber Syrup toxic to dogs and other animals?

There is nothing to indicate that Sukrin Fiber Syrup is unsafe for dogs and other animals as long as it is not ingested in excessive amounts.

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