Sun & Seed - organic, pure and with a conscience

Sun & Seed - organic, pure and with a conscience

LeGaia is proud to introduce our cooperation with UK based supplier of superfoods Sun & Seed. Founded in 2004, Sun & Seed provides nut and seed butters, oils and vinegars as well as protein powders, berries and seeds.

Sun & Seed takes healthy seriously! Their products are 100% pure, certified organic, ethically sourced, raw seed, nut and fruit goodness. No fillers or preservatives are added - and no flavors or sweeteners either. Just the pure goodness from the ethically sourced products delivered by trusted growers.

Sun & Seed's story started in 2004, on a small family farm that grew pumpkins and sunflowers. Today they make their range from a huge selection of finest quality, ethically grown nuts, seeds and fruits, and they still work with growers whose organic farming methods have a minimal environmental impact. Sun & Seed always strives to use growers closer to home and the majority of their product range is grown in Europe. Fun fact: Sun & Seed were the first to bring Chia Seeds to the UK!

Ingredients are kept raw whenever possible so that all the nutritional goodness is intact.

In addition to being extremely mindful about their products, Sun & Seed are also socially responsible. Their production line is socio-economic and they have an established relationship with The Camden Society. This is a relationship they are especially proud of as they offer training and employment opportunities to people with learning disabilities. The packaging and distribution center is not just a production line; it carries real, every day opportunities to enable people with learning disabilities to gain new skills, confidence and ultimately play a more equal role in society, helping make Sun & Seed a more inclusive employer. 

So each jar, bottle or pouch of Sun & Seed has a little story behind it!

Check out our new product line from Sun & Seed in the Condiments & Spreads category - and don't hesitate to reach out to us with comments, questions or further Sun & Seed product requests:-)

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