Food at the Fair!

Food at the Fair!

There is not a doubt in our minds that Carnival/State Fair Food is the enemy of all people trying to eat healthy! It looks so delicious, the tempting smells are all around and the fantasy of enjoying just one corn dog seems to take over completely... So now that it is August and the State Fair is inevitably upon us, what do we do to stick to our diets? 


Keto at the Carnival

While it may seem like a daunting task to remain keto while you're with the kids (or grandkids) at the fair, it is surprisingly easy to find keto-friendly foods! Your first target at any fair should be the big meat truck producing mostly smoke and DELICIOUS smells! Here you'll find just about anything you need to satisfy that carnival-food itch, without any of the carbs. Primarily, they serve bacon-wrapped turkey legs, plain turkey legs, ribs, pork belly on a stick, and the list goes on. Munch on a bacon-wrapped turkey leg, and you'll be good to go! Alternatively, bring in your own! You can check out Low Carb Maven's Recipe for Chipotle Bacon Wrapped Chicken Bites made with Sukrin Gold and sneak those in for the kids! 

Another surprising discovery is that at any of the corn dog/deep fry stations, they can wrap your stuff in bacon instead! Personally, I went for the bacon-wrapped jalapenos which were absolutely delicious... with a bit of a kick ;) Guacamole is another pretty safe bet when it comes to keto-friendly foods. As long as it is made with fresh avocados and no added carbs, you should be all set. Maybe even dip a jalapeno ;) 

Bacon Cheeseburgers are a guilty pleasure for just about anyone, so you'll be happy to hear that it IS possible to enjoy one at the fair! All you have to do is ask for no bun and choose to have your burger lettuce-wrapped and BAM, you got yourself a KETO burger!


For the Limitless Eater

To those of you who are not quite keto, not quite paleo, atkins or really anything in particular, but who still wish to avoid harmful food at the fair, this little blurb is for you! For years, I did not stick to just one diet, just one lifestyle, or anything that excluded food items for me, but rather stuck to a diet of eating "healthy" food that made me feel good. These included light foods like salads and maybe even a light sandwich, if I was in the mood. Apples and other fruits and veggies were a staple in my diet, but there was also the occasional bowl of ice cream ;)

At the fair, you are not going to find yourself a nice little salad stand that serves fresh fruits and vegetables. The key to leaving the fair feeling great is to NOT OVEREAT! Find a small burger and enjoy that without the fries and without a large shake. If you want it to feel a little healthier, try getting it lettuce-wrapped instead. If burgers are not your scene, try a turkey leg instead, but when you are full, listen to your stomach! Alternatively, you can always pack some healthy snacks like nuts (or even a salad in a Tupperware) and sneak that into the fair ;) 


All in all, navigating the State Fair according to your diet is very doable! Enjoy the August carnivals with the family and enjoy the delicious food :-) 

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