ALL Noodles are NOT created equal...  

ALL Noodles are NOT created equal...  

Most "Miracle Noodles" have that strange fishy smell, and appear translucent (glass-like) and rubbery. Even if the end product is good, just rinsing the smell off is off-putting to many....but sometimes we just want "pasta" and not even vegetable noodles will satisfy the craving.

The Liviva brand is different because it is made with konjac fiber and OAT FIBER. By adding the oat fiber you are eliminating that "strange smell" and getting a textured, thick noodle instead of the glassy rubbery noodle. Konjac fiber contains glucomannan, which is a water-soluble dietary fiber. The oat fiber ingredient is made in the USA and is mainly a water-insoluble dietary fiber. 

Liviva has been focusing on improving the texture of the noodles, while still maintaining its low calories and zero carb count. As a result, they found that by adding organic oat fiber (made in the USA) it is easier for the noodles to absorb more flavor and the texture is also much more like regular noodles and not at all rubbery. The oat fiber gives the noodles a much thicker, natural texture and thereby enhances the look, feel and taste of this zero carb pasta alternative. They have a sweet flavor on their own, tender texture and the amazing ability to absorb any delicious flavor you can dream of. This is a pasta you can be creative with!

Whether you’re on a low-carb ketogenic diet, following a grain-free Paleo diet or just looking for simple ways to reduce your caloric intake, adding these low-carb noodles to your diet can have a powerful impact on many aspects of your health. Read the full article here @ Dr. Axe

It might sound too good to be true, but it’s not!
Shirataki Oat Fiber Noodles are almost entirely free of calories and carbohydrates and are the perfect option for those looking to cut calories and shed a few pounds while taking advantage of some added benefits to your health.
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