Chocolate Cake Mix

Q: Is there nutritional info for the finished cake?

Yes, the nutritional information is for the finished cake baked according to the instructions on the package.


Q: What is Sukrin FiberFine?

Gluten-Free FibreFine finely ground flour is a naturally fibre-rich, gluten-free, low-fat, and free-from flour substitute and a healthy supplement. Contains 60% pure fibre. Sukrin FibreFine is non-glycemic.

Sukrin FibreFine contains 60% of a beneficial all-natural fibre called resistant starch which keeps blood sugar levels stable and protects the digestive system.

To use as a supplement, simply whizz a tablespoon or two into your shakes or smoothies, or stir into porridge, soups or stews.

Sukrin FibreFine fibre rich white flour is made from a special type of non-GMO corn grown in Australia.

Use to make your baking healthier, substituting some of your usual flour. Has a binding effect that makes gluten-free baking less crumbly


Q: What is resistant starch?

Resistant starch passes all the way through the small intestine without being digested, thus acting like fiber, sweeping the digestive system. When it reaches the colon, it’s used by the bacteria there as fuel, producing a healthy type of fat, which protects colon cells, promoting good bacteria and suppressing bad. It helps with bowel regularity and causes less storage of fat in the body from food. Resistant starch is a great addition to the diabetic diet as not only does it improve insulin sensitivity, there is improved tolerance of insulin the next day. Resistant starch can help greatly with mineral absorption, especially calcium and magnesium.


Q: Can you freeze the cake?

Sukrin cake freezes really well. Defrost for 3-4 hours at room temperature, or overnight in the fridge. The mix can similarly be frozen, to extend its shelf life.


Q: What are the net carbs of Sukrin Chocolate Cake?

“Net Carbs” are the total carb content of a product, less the dietary fibre and sugar alcohol if present, as these are carbs that have minimal effect on the blood sugar. The “net carb” total is used by lots of people who follow a low carb lifestyle.

The net carb content per slice (70 g) of Sukrin cake is only 8.5g.


Q: For which diets is Sukrin Cake Mix suited?

Sukrin cake mix is vegan, so if it is made up with egg replacer, the final baked cake will be vegan. When made with eggs, it is suitable for vegetarians. The cake mix is approved by the Vegetarian Society.

Sukrin cake is suitable for a dairy-free diet if made up as per pack instructions.

Sukrin cake is perfect for diabetics. It contains no sugar, and is sweetened with All-Natural zero carb zero calorie Sukrin Granulated.

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